Hardware Supply & Support

Are you tired of having your IT equipment slowing you down and holding you back from working at your best? One of our new offering is Hardware Supply & Support.

Our team can help you find the perfect hardware equipment to help you achieve peak performance and keep your equipment working at it’s best with our IT Support Services. These include, computer virus removals, installation of anti-virus software, onsite and cloud-based solutions, full IT systems management and more.

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Repair and Service Centre

Picture this, your laptop crashes and you have no idea what to do….A situation that every entrepreneur wants to avoid! We can help ensure that your productivity is not hindered by slow IT equipment and that your business performs at peak efficiency, we now offer Repairs and Service.
All equipment can be repaired or upgraded carries a workshop warranty. Repair Services include;
* PC Repairs
* PC Upgrades
* Server Repairs
* Server Upgrades
* Printer Services
* Printer Repairs
*Onsite Repairs & SLA’s
*General Repairs & Upgrades

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Web Development

There are so many great reasons to invest in Web Development for your business – One of which is customer convenience! Your clients are looking for you online, what will they find?
Let us help you create a web presence that truly encapsulates the essence of your business, the problems you solve, the needs you satisfy or the value you provide!

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CCTV Systems

In this day and age, there is nothing more important than security! Installing CCTV systems in your home or business can help keep your family and team members safe.
We are an accredited installer of many brands of CCTV Systems. Our team of highly qualified technicians perform quality installations and aim to surpass our customers’ expectations.

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Networking & SLA’s

Are you tired of constantly having to email important files back and forth or rotating hard drives amongst your employees so that everyone has the info they need? With our Networking & SLA’s, you can put an end to the hassle!
We will be designing and implementing networking solutions for small and large business. We specialize in network troubleshooting and implementations. This includes Cabling and wireless infrastructure for LAN and WAN Implementations. We also supply Network equipment and infrastructure.

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Printing Solutions

We offer a range of Printing Solutions that can help you say goodbye to your printer related stress!
We supply various Printers from basic Desktop Printers to Multifunction machines AND Large Format and Plotters! We also supply consumables for the machines that we sell and have technical staff who are skilled at configuring and installing a range of printers.
Thanks to our Printing Solutions, the only thing you will have to do is click print

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Solar Solutions

Investing in Solar Solutions is a great way to decrease your business costs in the long-term. There are so many great reasons to invest in Solar Solutions, you get to save on expenses and SAVE the environment as well. Let’s get your business on its’ way to creating a sustainable future.

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Smart Home & Home Automation

There are so many great benefits of investing in Smart Home Systems and Home Automation! Some of which include;
~ Having a virtual PA with Alexa echo
~ Save money on heat and electricity thanks to Energy Consumption Monitoring
~ Increased security, comfort and convenience
~ Third party device integration so your home can stay connected
~ And SO MUCH more

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Software Supply & Support

You don’t have to be the IT guy to make the most out of your devices! We can help you find the right software systems for your business AND be your IT guy whenever you require technical support.
Let us help you use the right Software Systems to save you time and money as well as make your business more efficient

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Wireless Solutions

The world is becoming increasingly wireless! Thanks to various technological advancements, we have more access to convenience and connectivity in our homes and business than ever before! We would love to help you take advantage of living in the fourth industrial revolution!

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I.T Training

Are you running a business that is highly dependant on IT knowledge? Does your team require IT Training to keep up with new hardware, software and technological trends related to your industry? We can assist with all your IT training.

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